Taking great pictures of my kids

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Taking great pictures of my kids

I am really jealous of all of the picture my friends post of their kids on social media. I have four boys, and while they are beautiful, they turn into crazed monkeys as soon as I try and take a picture of them. I am taking some time to look at different books and websites by photographers to get some ideas on taking better pictures of my kids, and I'm going to try out some of the techniques. By this time next year hopefully my friends will be jealous of all of the great photos I am taking of my kids!

4 Reasons to Book a Professional Photo Shoot Just for You

A professional photo shoot is something most people wouldn't consider, except perhaps for your family or on a special occasion. Yet a professional photography service is something anyone can access, and arranging a shoot can be an extremely fun and rewarding experience.

However you feel about yourself, and whether or not you're usually shy in front of the camera, there's no reason to be afraid of having a set of great quality photos taken. Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy when you arrange your very own shoot.

It's great for your confidence

If you're not the most confident person, posing in front of the camera as a pro takes photos of you can certainly seem like a daunting prospect. But if you're able to overcome the nerves long enough to book a shoot and go through with it, it will work wonders for your confidence levels. The experience of doing something bold and outside your comfort zone makes it easier to tackle difficult things in the future. And working with a positive, enthusiastic photographer will make you feel great about yourself.

Afterwards, you'll have a set of stylish, well-lit and professionally edited pictures to look back on whenever you need a boost.

The images make great gifts

If you're in a relationship, a framed professional photo of you makes a wonderfully personal gift. You might feel uncertain about giving somebody a picture of you, but it's certain to be appreciated and you shouldn't worry about how it will be taken.

If you're feeling brave, organising a lingerie or boudoir shoot adds an extra touch of intimacy to the final prints. If that's too far out of your comfort zone, however, some beautiful portraits are just as effective when they're taken by someone who knows their way around a camera.

It can help your love life

Maybe you're not in a relationship, but you're looking for one through dating apps or websites. Swapping the selfies for professional images really helps you stand out and grab the attention of potential dates. The confidence boost you get from the shoot itself is a big help when you're meeting people for the first time, too.

You'll always remember the experience

Life is short, and it's important to make the most of it by doing memorable things while you can. Spending the day in front of the camera and feeling like a celebrity is definitely one of those experiences that will stay with you. What's more, you'll always have the pictures to look at whenever you want to remember how it felt.

For more information about glamour, boudoir or women's portrait photography contact a professional photographer.