Taking great pictures of my kids

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Taking great pictures of my kids

I am really jealous of all of the picture my friends post of their kids on social media. I have four boys, and while they are beautiful, they turn into crazed monkeys as soon as I try and take a picture of them. I am taking some time to look at different books and websites by photographers to get some ideas on taking better pictures of my kids, and I'm going to try out some of the techniques. By this time next year hopefully my friends will be jealous of all of the great photos I am taking of my kids!

Benefits That Your Real Estate Business Will Reap From Drone Photography

For any real estate business to be successful, it is critical that you showcase your properties to the best of your capabilities. Without proper visual representation, it is unlikely that you will attract the clientele that you want and make a profit from your business. Additionally, the real estate market is highly competitive, so you need to establish ways that will give you an edge over other realtors and boost your sales. Drone photography is one of the ways that can give you a leg up in the industry. Although aerial photography is not a new concept in real estate, drone photography has made it much more accessible to individuals that are interested in this perspective. Below are benefits that your real estate business will reap from drone photography.

Drone photography provides an immersive experience

Two-dimensional photographs may give potential clients an idea of what the house looks like, but some of the property's appeal can be lost in this type of photography. So while some people may be enticed to visit the residence, you stand to win over more potential clients when you opt for drone photography. With drone photography, you get the chance to curate vivid videos and imagery of the property. Moreover, the footage captured allows for an interactive experience with the viewers, which cultivates their intrigue about a property. Lastly, drone photography is capable of capturing details that can be easily missed by two-dimensional photography since this technology utilising multiple angles and perspectives to curate a vision of the entire space.

Drone photography is affordable

The quality of photography and videography that aerial footage provides tend to be so high quality that most people readily assume that it is not fiscally within reach, especially if they have a small real estate business. In years past, to curate these images and videos, you would have had no choice but to pay for a helicopter, which was ridiculously expensive due to pilot fees and fuel costs. Drone photography has evened the field somewhat when it comes to budgetary constraints. Although drones are expensive pieces of equipment, they do not cost a fraction of the amount of money that you would require to hire a chopper. Secondly, once you have a drone, you can take endless hours' worth of footage for a myriad of properties whenever you want to. This flexibility of having a drone is unlike hiring a chopper that is done typically on a per-project basis.