Taking great pictures of my kids

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Taking great pictures of my kids

I am really jealous of all of the picture my friends post of their kids on social media. I have four boys, and while they are beautiful, they turn into crazed monkeys as soon as I try and take a picture of them. I am taking some time to look at different books and websites by photographers to get some ideas on taking better pictures of my kids, and I'm going to try out some of the techniques. By this time next year hopefully my friends will be jealous of all of the great photos I am taking of my kids!

3 Modern And Novel Ways To Display Your Wedding Photos

A fundamental part of many Australian weddings is using a professional photographer to help you document your special day. With the average Australian couple spending around $4000 on wedding photography, it's clear that it's a priority to have visual memories of the special day to treasure for a lifetime. Many wedding photographers now only deal with digital images, and the bridal couple will receive a disc or USB stick which often contains thousands of images of their nuptials.

While it's great to have so many photos available, many couples still like to have some hard-copies of the photos made to put up in their home or to give to friends and family members as gifts. If you're looking for a novel way to display your wedding pictures instead of the usual photo frames and photo albums, then here are three modern and beautiful alternatives that you might like to try.

1. Canvas prints

With the vastly improved digital printing technology available these days, it's possible to have your favourite wedding photos printed onto artist-quality canvas that is stretched over a timber frame. They look visually stunning and turn your photo into a true work of art.

Canvas prints can be ordered online or from most stores which provide digital printing services. Make sure that you provide high resolution images to the printer to ensure that the print is high quality and doesn't look grainy or pixelated.

2. Bound photo books 

Bound photo books are a stylish and elegant alternative to a standard photo album. These can also be ordered online or from a digital printing company. They allow you to choose a selection of your favourite shots to be collated into a bound, hard-cover book which can grace your coffee table.

Many companies offer a selection of graphic styles to choose from and different types of paper stock and photo finish so you can really individualise your book. They can also include texts and graphics to help tell the story of your wedding day.

3. Fridge magnets

Another novel idea is to have your photos printed out as fridge magnets. This will allow you to create an eye-catching collage of photos on your fridge that you can appreciate every day. Fridge magnets also make a wonderful and practical thank-you gift for you to send out to the friends and family that attended your wedding.

Again, fridge magnets are available online or in store. It's worth paying a little bit extra for good quality prints from a respected printer. The kitchen is a room which experiences a wide variation in temperatures and often high humidity, and poor quality fridge magnets may not last very long in these conditions.

Displaying your wedding photos is a wonderful way to remember the special day and honour the bond you've created as a couple. With these three novel ideas you will be able to display them with modern style.